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Eyeshaker lavatrice per occhiali

Eyeshaker lavatrice per occhiali

€ 33,00

  Welcome to EYESHAKER! You love your eyewear – you need your eyewear? Then you’ve come to the right place. Sunshades, sports glasses and eyeglasses need to be cleaned, too. Sweat, cosmetics, hairspray and dirt harm the materials and make your eyewear age and look unsightly. EYESHAKER enables a complete and comprehensive cleaning of your eyewear. EYESHAKER cleans the lenses and the frame and helps your sweetie look fresh again. With our product there are no scratches or blurs – makeup residues, sand, sweat and other dirt are softly rinsed off the glasses and your eyewear gets a shiny new look. We care about easy handling as much as perfect results, which you achieve with our EYESHAKER set – consisting of EYESHAKER, a special micro-fiber cloth for glasses, and our cleaning agent – in only four simple steps: fill EYESHAKER half full of water and add two squirts of our cleaning agent put your eyewear inside and shake the container for 15 seconds  rinse thoroughly in clean water dry the eyewear with the grey side of the EYESHAKER micro-fiber cloth an polish it with the white side con eyeshaker dirai addio a occhiali e lenti sporche! ​​​​​​​adatto per qualsiasi tipo di montatura e lenti! 1_riempi lo shacker a metà con acqua e aggiungi due gocce dello special cleaner. 2_inserisci l'occhiale nello shacker e agitali per 15 secondi,la speciale chiusura a molla eviterà qualsiasi danno alla montatura. 3_sciacqua la montatura sotto acqua temperatura ambiente. 4_asciuga gli occhiali con la microfibra fornita nel kit.  

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